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Jul, 2020

Guidelines for Play During Phase 4


In addition to the current State guidelines, the following also apply for RLL games until further notice:

Dugouts and Cages
  • Remain closed to players. Exceptions to this are to allow the catcher to put on and remove catcher’s gear between innings and for pitchers to warm up in the bullpen with one catcher also in the cage.
  • 3 or fewer coaches can occupy their team's dugout while maintaining 6' distance or wearing a facial covering over their mouth and nose.
  • Wash hands and use hand sanitizer prior to participating and are encouraged to sanitize their hands regularly. 
  • Wear face coverings and maintain social distance of at least 6-ft. except when athlete is directly involved in game play.
  • Keep personal bag/equipment/belongings 6' behind the fence and 6' from other players' gear. Do not place bags on the fence or next to the fence as other players will stand next to the fence.
  • Do not share or touch other players' equipment, food or beverages.
  • Do not eat or spit on or around the field.
  • Contact between players should be limited to "tag" plays unless otherwise unavoidable.
  • Line up in batting order behind the fence, one player at each fence pole (poles are 10' apart). Player on deck should stand closest to the end of the cage on their side of the field. When a player is up, proceed directly to the batter's box. All other players move up one pole.
  • When an offensive player reaches base safely, a coach should retrieve the player's bat and put it behind the fence.
  • When an offensive player needs to leave the field of play, they should return behind the fence on the side they entered and go to the end of the batting order line. (i.e. if a batter entered the field from the 1st base side, they should return behind the fence from the 1st base side).
  • At the end of each half-inning, any offensive players should quickly exit the field from the same side as their dugout, go behind the fence, retrieve their bat, and continue to their bag.
  • The defensive team should pitch their own game balls.
  • Players should enter and exit the field from their side (i.e the team whose dugout is on the 3rd base side, should enter and exit the field from the 3rd base side).
  • Allow any offensive players to exit the field first at the end of half innings.
  • Any players not playing defense should be 10' behind their dugout so the batting team can line up near the fence and should maintain 6' distance (or wear a mask covering the mouth and nose) from all others at the field.
  • Per agreement with Parks & Rec, the bleachers are closed. This is so the players can move freely behind the fence area.
  • Spectators are to sit along the 1st or 3rd base line at least 10' from the field of play and from other groups.
  • Spectators should refrain from contact with the players during the game.
  • Please be aware of and watch for balls hit into the spectator area.
  • Please allow players to retrieve any balls.

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